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DTB Payroll offers a comprehensive list of payroll services.

We will pay your employees weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the pay period system your company has in place. Besides making employee compensation simple, we offer thoroughness and flexibility. We also offer direct deposit for those who wish to take advantage of the service, making sure it goes directly into bank accounts on the assigned pay date.

Not only will we make sure your employees’ paychecks are prepared on time and with accuracy, we will also take care of local taxes, all of the standard deductions, and any garnishes or retirement benefits that need withheld. Most counties have one local tax collector to which local taxes must be sent. We will handle all of this for you. Standard deductions include federal withholdings, social security, Medicare, state withholding, state unemployment, local service tax, and federal unemployment—we ensure these deductions are subtracted for you. Finally, garnishing may include overdue taxes, child support or alimony, and student loans. Retirement withholdings may include 401Ks and simple IRAs which we will also make sure is taken out and paid, saving you the unnecessary burden.

Additionally, Thomas Bobik and our team will file quarterly reports for you and provide W2s for your employees at the end of the year. Our quarterly filings will include the 941 form which reports federal income taxes, social security tax, and Medicare tax withheld from employees’ paychecks. It will also include the state W3 form, local tax return with the local tax collector, and state unemployment. The fourth quarter report that we prepare for you is more encompassing in that it includes all of the above, plus state and local reconciliation.

DTB Payroll will gladly and confidently provide payroll services to fit individual company needs, so contact us today to get started. You’ll be stress free in a matter of minutes and have more time to dedicate to other important aspects of your business.

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